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New Clients
This is a Multi-Step Process

1.  First check to see if you have any contraindications for colon-hygiene.  

2.  Schedule your appointment online.  

3.  Colonics - Fill out the Colon Hygiene Intake Form and sign the Informed Consent,

      Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - fill out the m-HBOT intake form and sign Informed Consent

      Ozone Therapy - fill out and sign Ozone Therapy Intake & Informed Consent

     Health Coaching - Fill out the Health Coaching intake form

      Infrared Sauna - Fill out the Infrared Sauna Consent form

      Ion Detox Footbath - Fill out Ion Detox Footbath Consent & Waiver


4.  A credit card number is used to reserve your appointment, to ensure you will show up. New Clients and some modalities are charged at time of booking (Existing Clients and other modalities will NOT be charged until time of service THEN in case of missed appointment).

5.  Please choose to receive email & text updates, as the prep information is all located in that email/text.  If you do not chose this option, you will miss critical reminder information.  Also, if you are scheduling a telephone coaching appointment, please leave a note of the best phone number to reach you in the appointment box.

6.  Show up about 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  We have plenty of Parking; in the back or on the street. 



Welcome, and thank you for considering me to help you on this journey.

First, I would suggest you spend a little time thinking about your goal.   I’ll either help you re-adjust it, meet it then help you exceed it if that is your desire.

Second, (If booking Colon Hygiene (colonic) considering that most people do well with a series of 3 session within a 3-7 day period, look at your calendar and see what life looks like the next few weeks.  Lots of social occasions?  Then, cleanse after that.  Going to Vegas in 2 weeks, then come in after you’ve re-toxed.  Best to set yourself up for success.  I’m not suggesting or assuming you do the recommendation, I’m just suggesting you might want to check your intentions, goals and calendar before moving to the next step.

Which is… Third. Make the appointment.  Mapping out your goals, calming any nerves, giving a visual description of what is happening are just a few of things that I’ll be setting for intention during your session.

Please use our online intake forms (below in the black area) so that your files are digitally stored in your HIPPA compliant client profile.  These forms will allow me to ask the questions necessary and make note in your file.

Fifth, (More colonic stuff) the day before, you are going to want to begin to prepare.  If you are on a SAD (Standard American Diet), you are going to want to limit heavy carbs (pizza, etc), bad fats, alcohol and meat 24-hrs prior to your appointment.  Why?  Because I don’t want your body in digestion mode when I’m going to ask it to move to elimination mode.  When the body gets confused, it provides the experience we call “cramps” – spasms of discomfort or irritability.  It’s what many people learn to live with every day, so we want to begin to create awareness around our gut.

If you are more inclined to optimize your session and your experienced with juice fasting, and you are experienced in that therapy, then by all means, the best way to prepare is to drink green juice 24 hours prior to your appointment.  The bio-availability of minerals in green juice will really allow the body to “give up” electrons physically.  Emotionally, it helps to bring oh crap up to the surface.  We want to release what no longer serves.

Finally, come in, get on the table, relax, surrender and be prepared to let go.

See you on the table!

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