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My name is Lauren Schrimsher and I have been working at WholesomelyU since January of

2024. A little bit about me and my journey of getting here starts in Texas!

I was raised in Fort Worth Texas and attended Dallas Baptist University where I studied

business. After getting my Associates degree I moved to Colorado where I taught Skiing and

Snowboarding! I decided after my first year there I wanted to take two months off to travel the

US! That was the most life changing decision and some of my greatest memories of solo

traveling from Colorado over to Utah, and down to southern California! The plan was to go all the

way up to Canada and back down to Colorado. Well, my plans changed and if you can't tell, I am

a free spirit and just go where the wind takes me! On my way up the California Coast, I stopped

to see a friend of mine who worked in Tahoe, and of course I fell in love with that place and the

people! I decided to follow my gut and heart and stay in Tahoe instead of finishing out my road

trip! I ended up living and working in Tahoe for two and a half years until covid happened.

When the resorts and the world shut down, we were about to get six feet of snow in Tahoe. My

friend/roommate had mentioned she was going to drive home to Humboldt to stay with her

family for the time being. I of course was unable to fly back to Texas to be with my family so I

asked if I could join her! I am so grateful and blessed to have been accepted into their home

with open arms! What I thought would be a weekend in Humboldt turned into three months. That

time was obviously hard on everyone, but we found joy in the simplicity of life and finding ways

to move our bodies, get outside, laugh, and create new healthy recipes! After the months went

by we both knew we wanted to work so her brother graciously offered us the opportunity to work

for him on his farm in Oregon! That work was not for the faint of heart but if we had not decided

to move there, I would not have started my own ranch with my incredible boyfriend! I currently

raise grass fed grass finished lamb, pork, chickens, and goats! Over the years the ranch has

grown tremendously! I am beyond blessed to have over 100 animals that provide genuinely

healthy meat for my community! The strength, community, and health I was surrounded by has

taught me so much! Which is why I am now so happy I can help others with their journey of

healing their bodies in a holistic and healthy way!

I was raised by a family who loves greasy and microwaved meals and was in and out of the

doctors multiple times a year with constant sickness! If it weren't for learning from Jill and friends

I was surrounded with then I would have forever been blinded by what allopathic had taught me,

which was that using prescriptions and antibiotics won't cure me it was just a band aid. I am so

blessed and happy to say today I am healthier than I have ever been. I have not seen a doctor

in four years now due to changing my diet and healing my body with correct supplements and

using the tools we offer here at WholesomlyU!

Although I do still have my ranch in southern Oregon, I am beyond lucky to have a support

system who helps when I am here in California. Which allows me to be here during the week

assisting this local community! I am working front of house Tuesday through Friday every week for those

using the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Red Light therapy, FLOWpresso, and Ozone


I can't wait to meet you and help you on your wellness journey!

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