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Candida Albicans


Your signs and symptoms are ways your body is trying to communicate with you.  How we hear, listen and put it together is multi-layered, but first we have to start with the food.

Is candida detox appropriate for everyone?  Of course not.  There are people who fuel themselves quite well on fruits and other carbs.

But if you are yeasted, you must pull back so balance can be achieved.

Once you clear the Candida and get the gut biome balanced, you can tolerate the carbs better.

When invoking a new wellness path you must look at what you consume daily. 

Remember this is YOU that you are improving so one must be honest in your daily nutrition.  Food is definitely one man's Medicine - and is one man's Poison.

We've all been there, eating crappy (CRAP=Chemicals, Refined, Artificial, Processed), indulging in the wrong beverage excessively and slowly noticing that our body has changed, our health has diminished and our mental state has declined.

System Regeneration can occur.  So we have to start at the food.

Candida Testing

There are many ways to test.  A stool sample can test fungus in the poop and you can pay a lot of money to get a confirmation.

But there are cheaper ways go about the questions and get the same answer.  If you like spending money to "know for sure" then by all means, go for it!  The information provided is fantastic in so many other ways.  Insurance (especially Kaiser) is probably not going to cover it, so be prepared to pay out of pocket.

I'm just keeping it real for my self healers!

So here's the tests you can run to confirm a candida overgrowth.

1.  Donna Gates - Promoting Body Ecology.  You can take her test here.  

2.  Dr. Crook - Such an unfortunate last name, but he is considered the pioneer in yeast overgrowth.  You can take the test here.

3.  Candida spit test - Not sure the origins of this test, but I have recommended clients do this simple test to determine if fungus has become a problem.  I know when I eat excess carbs or sugar, my saliva gets very sticky.  Here's a sample of the Candida Spit Test

4.  What is your poop saying to you?  Foamy, fermentation, gas, bloating, hard stools all indicate the possibility of fungus overgrowth.


1.  When heavy metals are in the body, Candida will be tough to eliminate until you get the heavy metals out of the body.

2.  Essential oils are helpful in destroying pathogens.  Oregano, cinnamon and others can be helpful.  Get a consult with a adept essential oil practitioner.

3. If you clean up the food, but still take birth control and other prescriptions, just know it will take a bit longer for symptoms to clear.  Those pharmaceuticals typically make candida resistant.  

4. Candida Cleanse and cleaning up your diet.

5.  For most yeasted individuals, a series of 6 colon hygiene sessions is highly recommended.  Not for everyone, but it is a breakdown and rebuilt process.  One or two sessions might bring relief, but it may not be enough to re-balance the biome and give the food a better chance of making the desired changes.

6.  Chronic yeast infections are a sign of a imbalanced bowel biome.

Candida Cleanse Protocol

Foods While Treating Candida:

•Fresh vegetables
• Green vegetable juices (try adding a Granny Smith apple to the
juice for flavor)
• All fish except shellfish
• Free-range or organic chicken and turkey, eggs
• Lemons, limes, fresh cranberries, Granny Smith apples
• No grains
• No gluten
• No dairy
• Raw, fermented foods – try to avoid things like kombucha though because they can aggravate the situation and stick to things like coconut kefir
• Essential fatty acids such as those in flax oil and olive oil
• Unsweetened coconut milk or nut milk – a lot of people say no nuts, but I make an exception here
• Herbal teas such as chamomile or peppermint
• Natural sweetener such as stevia

Foods to Generally Avoid while treating Candida:

•Sugar: sucrose, fructose, maltose, lactose, glucose, mannitol, sorbitol, galactose, maple syrup, brown, raw and date sugar,
honey and artificial sweeteners
• Wheat and yeast
• Alcohol, soda, coffee, ciders
• Condiments, sauces and vinegar products
(mayonnaise, ketchup, MSG, pickles)
• Dried or candied fruits such as raisins or dates
• Processed fermented foods such as soy sauce
• Fruit juices
• Fruits, except those listed above
• Dairy and cheese
• Mushrooms
• Peanuts

Colon Hygiene

8-10 Colon Hygiene treatments, you'll feel immensely better after 3 - but to rid the body of the overgrowth and candida die off from the supplements and diet one needs to continue to keep the eliminate pathway clear for complete removal of overgrowth.



4 coconut oil capsules,

1-3 garlic capsules, and for

about 2 weeks, wormwood, which really helps, but let me warn you, it’s disgusting (wormwood is also used for parasite removal). So Actually, "killing two birds with one stone," if you have parasites - most people do - don't be alarmed.


Continuing with coconut oil everyday is a good idea to keep candida at bay.

Diet is also incredibly crucial. Without diet, the treatments don’t work near as well.

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