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How is your VISION!?!

Starting 2020 off with some strong vision - 20/20 for that matter!

WholesomelyU's first Annual Vision Board Workshop was a success! Nine amazing women came together to get focused on their 2020 goals.

This workshop was a mini health coaching approach to goal setting. The Circle of Life was used to gather needs, wants, ideas, and visions, both small and large.

A balanced Circle is critical for a balanced and harmonious life. Most would think of Health and Career when developing a vision board, but there is much more involved for a complete life than the two of them.

There are 12 sections in the Circle of Life and I asked them to come up with 3 words that best described their new found change, desires and potential courage to push them to a better self.

I also added four more sections that came from my learning when studying the energy field and how our body field is nourished. And again using three words to best improve these four sections. All of this information, "homework" as one attendee described, was sent through email a few days before the event for them to look over and think about before arriving.

Once at the workshop, I presented an introduction of what "VISION" really is and how to capture it on a board. Then the attendees introduced themselves to the group in a short chat on themselves.

All materials, lunch, and a goodie bag was included with the fours of the workshop. Of course, those who had things already they knew they wanted on their board (photos, quotes, sayings, etc.) I encouraged them to bring them as well.

The first hour and a half was for cutting out of magazines, books, etc. and then lunch was served. The group was so gracious at helping others look for things they were needing for their boards. The teamwork was fabulous!

After lunch was creative time! Time to place all that was cut unto the boards. It was so great watching all the different approaches to placing the clippings. It was fun listening to the chatter of all the attendees and the thoughts that they wouldn't have enough for their boards . . . well to their surprise not all their clippings would fit making them "make cuts" of what really mattered.

Thank you again ladies for making WholesomelyU's "first ever" Class and First Annual Vision Board Workshop a success. Check out all of their boards!

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