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Get your Lyme under control with KBS!

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Lyme Disease reports 30,000 cases a year reported by the CDC by state and health departments. However, this number does not reflect every case of Lyme disease that is diagnosed in the United States every year. Recent estimates using other methods suggest that approximately 476,000 people may get Lyme disease each year in the United States.

If you are into numbers and stats that’s great, there you have it; but let’s really get down to why we have are having this May Promo supporting Lyme disease awareness . . . because people feel like crap and do not know why!!!!

Lyme disease is a bacterium. Our bodies are made up of bacteria so why is it a problem!?! Because this bacteria “borrelia” usually comes with friends like babesia (parasite) and bartonella (cat scratch fever). Our bodies should be able to defend these bacteria BUT our bodies these days are under so much STRESS that our immune system is already lowered causing these bacteria to be very opportunistic and take over our weakened immune system. That being said, our environment (mold, sympathetic nervous system overdrive, etc.), can accentuate the dis-ease making the

Lyme symptoms really kick into action. Our immune system lowered from Stress and living in undesirable conditions (known or not) over time wears on the body allowing these co-infections to thrive making us feel sick to eventually bed ridden. Viruses like CMV and EBV are also associated with all these co-infections and the original bacteria.

How do you get Lyme?

When a tick bites you, it can inject these above-mentioned different infections. More research and common sense would say that it is not only ticks but also any insect that can bite you, exchanging saliva for your blood (spiders, mosquitos, fleas, etc.) If you get the bull-eye rash associated with Lyme or if no bull-eye, remember when you were bitten, even more importantly what was going on in your body at the time, i.e., trauma, mold environment, radioactive elements in your drinking water, etc. that could be stressing your immune system!?!

Other ways to be infected is transferred mother to child in the womb, sexually transmitted explaining why both husband and wife could be suffering from Lyme.

Lyme disease is known as the “Great Mimicker.” Showing symptoms as Chronic fatigue, joint achiness Rheumatoid Arthritis like pain, achy muscles like fibromyalgia, head aches in the occipital area and back neck tightness, flulike weakness, and brain fog naming just a few.

What helps with Lyme disease? Using binders to, yes, bind the poop of the bacteria. The bacteria poop releases ammonia and neurotoxins causing the body damage. Removing the bacteria poop with binders can significantly improve your symptoms and quality of life. BUT when taking binders, one needs to keep drainage open! Because binders are just that – binders – causing you to become constipated if not keeping your drainage pathways open. Yes YOU need to be pooping as well. Along with all your other drainage pathways operating properly (mitochondria, skin & lymph, liver, bile, lungs, kidneys, glymphatic & bowels).

Your body is designed to be resilient, balanced, and healthy. A tick bite (insect bite) should not take you down! But when it does, let’s not get obsessed with eradicating Lyme – let’s focus on bringing the body back into homeostasis and balance by getting your nervous system better (less stress), your environment better (no mold) and by reducing your pathogen load (healing modalities). You are going to get over this!!!!!

May Promo: Lyme Kill Bind Sweat info:


The protocol developed and promoted by Dr. Jessica Peatross, *Kill, Bind, Sweat* is the process of introducing “killing” agents or biofilm busters to the body so that the immune system can recognize any pathogens or hidden infections hiding in the body. Once the immune system recognizes these intruders and they

begin to be broken up and circulated throughout the body, binders are added to bond with these pathogens and their toxic byproducts so that they can be removed via the body’s detox pathways. Sweating is a major detox pathway and sweating daily is incredibly beneficial to our healing.

KILL BIND SWEAT (KBS) works by using herbs/biofilm busters to penetrate that defense mechanism that these pathogens use. If the toxin can’t leave the body, it promotes further chronic illness and dissuades the person from continuing the process of detoxification. Additional modalities to help KILL: hyper oxygenate the body via HydrOxygen, Ozone therapy &/or Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.

May Promo – Lyme Kill Bind Sweat Package

Deal: 30 session Ozone Ear Insufflation prior to infrared Sauna session - must be done together. PACKAGE ONLY LAST FOR 6 MONTHS. You need to use the modality to benefit yourself. What a deal, 3 - 10 packs of Infrared Sauna sessions (already discounted 40%) then 30 sessions of Ozone ear insufflations sessions for half price!

Once package is purchased, client is offered a 20% discount on supplements used for Kill Bind Sweat Protocol not included in Promo price.

This May promo will work like this: take your kill supplement 30-60 minutes before your ozone insufflation/sauna appointment. Come in and get your ozone ear insufflation, then take your binder, then get into the infrared sauna. 30 sessions as close to together as you can or appointments that are available.

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