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Amazed at what I purged!

I am very thankful for clients that inspire me everyday to try new things.

Being trained in western medicine as an RN specializing in OB/GYN; I worked in the hospital setting and many times would have to swing to med/surge or short stay to help cover when we were slow in OB. I saw many “lap-choles” (hospital lingo for removal of gallbladder via surgery) patients and cared for them after surgery before being discharged home.

Now 15ish years later I have changed my way of caring for people through alternative/natural healing. Being a colon hydrotherapists by trade I have helped 5 to 6 different clients over the last year while they were completing, or in the midst of, a liver/gallbladder flush. Never having issues, that I thought, with my liver or gallbladder it wasn’t until the last lovely couple who came in for their “after flush colon hygiene session” intrigued my curiosity. I soon there after, got online, order the book and as soon as it arrived, I dove right into it. As I open the book and skim through it the first list that catches my eye is in chapter 1 labeled “If you suffer any of the following symptoms or similar conditions you most likely have numerous gallstones in your liver and gallbladder: “ Holy heck!!! I have either had or currently have 32 of the 72 listed.

The main symptoms I would love to eliminate are: hormonal imbalance, urinary problems, menopausal disorders, problems with vision, puffy eyes, liver spots on face and hands, back pain, loss of muscle tone, stiff neck, allergies, tooth and gum problems, cold hands & feet, hot & cold flashes, muscle & joint stiffness; Just to name a few. Urgh!!!

And there could be more. Oh geez!

Being in the detox and wellness business I knew that I needed to try this liver gallbladder flush for the sake of first hand knowledge and no doubt to rid my body of these awful signs and symptoms. One of the recommendations for the flush is to do it between the new moon and full moon or vice versa - but not on the Full Moon. Wanting to do this flush as soon as possible - check the moon calendar for 2019 and get out my calendar to see if it will work.

My personality is one to take action as soon as I feel there is a need. My tuition is strong on this one that I need to proceed - So off to the health food store I go to buy the ingredients.

I did have most things at home, but wanted to be sure that they were fresh and not expired. Day 1 - Day 6 calls for drinking 32 oz. of Apple juice or 8 oz. of Tart Cherry juice, not wanting the additional sugar intake I chose the Tart Cherry juice. Along with drinking juice high in malic acid, which is used to soften the gallbladder/liver stones you are to "try to" follow the diet recommendations of; no ice cold food or beverages, no animal products, no dairy (except butter), no processed foods, no fried foods and no foods with refined sugars, do not over eat and do not eat late. No problem! remember it says "try to" follow - so the day my husband and I started the prep we had dinner plans with friends and did our best to follows the recommendations. Day 2 is when we really followed by the book on our diet. So this is no problem so far! Easy-peezy!

Day 6 arrives and there is strict time frames for actions.

Drink all juice during the morning. Keep in mind that you aren't to drink the juice during meals, stop drinking 30 minutes before meals and wait an hour or 1 1/2 hours after meals before drinking the juice. But day 6 all juice is to be gone before lunch. Last meal is at 1:30 pm - now only filtered water until the next scheduled action arrives.

The recommended "last lunch" is steamed veggies and white basmati rice. Also no oils or spices used to prep the meal other than Himalayan salt or sea salt. It was actually pretty good considering I LOVE seasoned food with fresh spices and herbs. All the meals day 1 - day 5 could have oils, spices & herbs while preparing meals; but not day 6. We need the body to conserve its' bile store for the BIG PURGE!

Sometime during day 6, preferably 6-8 hours before 10 pm, a colon hygiene (gravity colonic) session is supposed to take place. HIGHLY recommended and very important for your comfort during the next scheduled events and to make sure the colon is free and clear of blockages so that the stones have available space to purge! If a backed up, clogged, stagnant colon is the only place for the stones to deposit, there may not be room, nausea and vomiting could arise as well as a failed flush.

Now to wait until the next scheduled event. Drinking enough water is very important to stay hydrated and that is all this is allowed now anyway. So fill up my insulated water bottle.

6 - 6:30 pm is the next scheduled shot! Epsom salt and filtered water and I mean SHOT! This is probably the worse part of the whole flush; but still doable. You may think it will be salty - Nope - Epsom salt is Magnesium Sulfate, a very bitter taste. I added fresh squeezed lemon to our shots (6 oz) that a BIG shot! So it takes 2 -4 swigs to get it down. Still not horrible - just not a crave ~ fo sho! These "SHOTS" will happen 3 more times. So to make it easier, you make all 4 portions at once. 3 TBSP of Epsom Salt in 24 oz of filtered water - shake, shake, shake - then divide it 4 ways into 6 oz portions each.

As you can see I ended up getting mine at Walgreens. The health food store didn't have ingestible Epsom salt, they only had the variety for soaking. Good thing I thoroughly read the ingredients list because the only type I have ever purchased was for soaking as well. That would have been a bust - I went to make our shot and didn't have the correct variety of Epsom Salt. See it is meant to be - I told you my intuition on this one was GOOD!

8 - 8:30 pm is the next shot of the same = 6oz. of Epsom salt and filtered water. More fresh squeezed lemon to the shot and down it goes. So you are probably wondering, "has anything happened yet!?!" A BIG FAT NOPE!

9:45 pm is prep time for the next event. Whoop whoop! Cause you know all there is to do is lay around and drink water waiting for the next event. Now you juice fresh grapefruits enough for a 6 oz glass, so I did double that for two of us. Have I mentioned what a trooper of a husband I have to do this liver/Gallbladder Flush with me!?! Yes he is the bomb! To the 6 oz of grapefruit juice is added 4 oz of Extra Virgin Olive Oil - WHAT!!! Oh GEEZ - the thoughts start coming - "am I going to puke?" this sounds terrible. "Get over it!" shake the juice/oil mixture and don't think about it! So both are ready - Now what?

10 pm - Have your juice/oil mixture in hand, alarm set for 6 or 6:30 am, two pillows and your bed ready to get into it. Chug the mixture, get right into bed, head above abdomen level for a minimum of 20 minutes, no talking, no moving, all energy is saved for the liver. As I lay there, I am thinking "what is going to happen now?" - Well nothing! How uneventful!!! After 20 minutes the extra pillows goes on the floor and we fall asleep.

Day 7: 6:30 am the alarm goes off and up I go to the kitchen to get the Epsom salt/water portions for dose 3. Add fresh squeezed lemon and down we chug it - well in 2 - 4 swigs. About now my husband says he's going to shower and get ready for work - Bahahahaha! yeah right buddy! we lay around and wait for purge! So we watched a movie on Netflix and it was about 2 hours from that dose that things started to happen. Bathroom runs begin - Yay!!! - I've been waiting for some proof of this flush.

8:30 am is the next and last Epsom Salt portion - again adding fresh squeezed lemon for the swigs. From about 8:20 am on we starting going to the bathroom, about 5 -6 times total and this is what I produced. The penny is to show the size comparison - crazy huh? I obviously put a sieve in the toilet to catch the stones - TMI - I know!

Day 8: Back to the normal routine. It just amazes me that in a short amount of time (24 hours max) of staying home and close to a toilet, and the prep days that were really no bother, and your body is able to purge so many fatty, calcium (some people) stones from the liver and gallbladder. These stones were hanging out causing congestion and stagnation in my liver and gallbladder. The crazy thing is; I had no idea from pain or discomfort. The only indication was from the signs that were show on the outside of my body that sparked my curiosity. And lull and behold - out they came!!!!

Day 9: Is to take care of any stones that could possibly still be in the colon. Both my husband and I had a post flush colon hygiene session. Not many stones were noticed; however the importance of doing a pre-flush and post-flush colon hygiene session. You definitely do not want any toxins that stones carry to be recycled through your system; hence the importance of a post-colonic.

Will I do it again - Heck yeah!!! Next month if it works out. It's the easiest flush/cleanse I have ever done and its only 8-9 days long. And only 24 hours of it, on day 7, is the real only "stay at home part about it!"

The book does talk about doing more than one flush; all stones need to be removed to rid/cure the body of bursitis, back pain, allergies or other health problems and to prevent disease from arising. It may require 8 to 12 flushes before all stones have been released.

What did I notice right away? My hot flashes were very few, my energy level had improved, overall sense of calmness and improved mental clarity. Happy about all of that!!! But in three days the hot flashes were back. But have subsided exponentially from when I started this flush journey. The book also explains "within a few days, stones from the rear of the liver will have traveled forward toward the main exiting bile ducts (hepatic ducts) in the liver, which may cause some to all the previous symptoms of discomfort to return." All the more reason to continue to cleanse the liver and gallbladder until no stones are released. Like I mentioned earlier . . . the flush prep and protocol is Easy-Peezy - and relatively inexpensive. BONUS!!

I'll keep you updated on my progress - TMI - if your inquiring mind wants to know.



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