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Detox & Wellness Studio


Self Care is giving the world the Best of You instead of What's Left of You

Welcome to Humboldt County's ONLY Gravity Colonics and Hygiene!

I an honored you are here and chose WholesomelyU for your detox and wellness needs.  We are a Detox and Wellness Studio providing both in house and virtual guidance.

The Detox process is not a cleanse here and there.  We are overcome daily with toxins and chemicals, not to include the CRAP we are taking in daily as food.  The detox process is a daily or as close to it as you can get.  Much of it is through your diet - I don't much like the word diet, because of it's stigma as negative, because let's face it - EVERYONE is on some sort of "diet"  The definition of diet is “habitually taken food and drink," - what is normal for you! Since the SAD (Standard American Diet) has gotten us all sick, the term "diet" has become a restrictive eating plan.

If you are here, you realize the need for clean pipes and daily nutrition, but may need assistance with it. We flourish from the inside out, but for most, they are covering up the outside due to poor inside health - but are unaware of this phenomenon! True Story; if skin is dry and wrinkled so is the colon!

In this physical stage, one is very new to internal cleaning and has many questions and fears so we educate and hold a safe place for the mind to unfold.

Detox is also an emotional process; getting rid of past thoughts, traumas (don't panic . . . we all have them!) and allowing the inner-child to release those burdens so that one can reprogram the tapes of positivity and life changing moments.

Your spiritual level, is where you become aware of your body intuitively and its needs.  You may want to dig deeper into other realms of spirituality learning to navigate that part of consciousness.

The deeper the work you do with cleansing and ridding the body of past build up (poop, emotions, parasites, candida, drama, etc.) the freer you become and you'll feel you are vibrating on a higher frequency than before. The True Beauty of Self Love and Care.

More wellness opportunities to be experienced ~

In house:

  • Colon Hygiene

  • Ozone Insufflation 

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen (m-HBOT)

  • Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna therapy with Chromotherapy included

  • Ion Foot Bath

  • FLOWpresso

  • Red Light Therapy

  • Lymph Node Release Therapy

  • Biofield Tuning Therapy

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition - Coming soon!





If any of this resonates with you, Welcome Friend!

If you feel called, Please make an appointment!


Our mission is to help as many people as we can naturally and holistically in our Wholesome Space. Click photo for more on our practitioners.

Be Well! 

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