Tami Hornidge

Tami has been a licensed massage therapist since 2015. She studied in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and graduated from HACC’s 900-hour intensive massage therapy program. She believes that through life we should always be learning and growing; that philosophy follows through into her massage and also her personal life. She loves to explore and continue her learning in herbal medicine, healing the body through foods, essential oils, and of course massage therapy and other bodywork modalities.

Tami is a new transplant to the North Coast from Pennsylvania. She enjoys being outdoors, going on adventures with her family, walking barefoot, living a healthy vegan lifestyle, helping people see their true potential, gazing at the night sky, her extended cat family, being her authentic self, and living life with a big heart.

She has training in :
-Deep Tissue
-Trigger Point
-Connective Tissue (myofascial)
-Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy Massage
-Vedic Thai Massage
-ACE Massage Cupping


Her office will be located inside of WholesomelyU and she is very happy to be in such a healing environment.

Studio Policies

3020 H Street 

Eureka, CA  95501

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