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Some like it HOT - Spicy Hot Cacao

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Heat nut milk of your liking ( I use almond, coconut, &/or hemp) on the stove DO NOT USE A MICROWAVE! WHY? It changes the molecular makeup of food - making it no longer what you started with.

While waiting for nut milk to warm just prior to boiling, place ingredients in a NutriBullet or some type of blender.


2 cups of Nut milk

1 - 2 tsp Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

1/2 tsp. Organic Cinnamon

1/2 tsp. Organic Turmeric

1/2 tsp. Raw Organic Maca Powder

2 TBSP Raw Organic Cacao Powder

1 TBSP 100% pure Collagen Protein Powder

1/2 tsp. Organic Ground Cayenne


1/4 tsp. Lacuma Powder

1/4 tsp. Mesquite Powder

1/4 tsp. Cadamon Powder

Dash of Nutmeg

Dark Cacao chocolate bar (1-2" piece)

Sweetener options (to taste):

Organic Coconut Syrup

Spun Honey with Bee Pollen

Organic Honey

Blend ingredients:

When nut milk is ready - add it to the blender where the other ingredients are and blend away - serve and ENJOY!

P.S. - If you are a coffee freak and want to add coffee or a shot of espresso, go for it! Just make sure it's Organic Coffee. Cheers!

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