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Fall into Soups! Autumn is a time for warm deliciousness and the aroma of comfort food! Try this am

Zesty Butternut Squash Soup

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Prep Time

Prep Notes

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Cut butternut squash in half, remove seeds and netting, place on cookie sheet or in a glass baking dish. In circle of squash, add avocado oil - enough to make a small pool. Take oil brush (bbq brush) and spread all over meat of squash. Season with Bragg's Sprinkle, pink Himalayan salt, turmeric, curry powder, cumin (and if you want to spice it up add a little chili powder). Set aside until oven reaches temperature.

Place in 400 degree oven, top shelf, for 20 minutes, check to make sure it's not burning (all ovens are different), then add another 20 minutes.

Cooking Time

1 hour approx.


8 servings


1 large Butternut Squash - baked and cut into chunks

1 Med/Lg Yam - peeled & chopped

4 - 5 cloves Garlic - peeled and diced

5 sticks Celery - chopped

6 thin Carrots - chopped

1 medium Yellow Onion - diced

1 tsp. Organic Cumin

1 tsp. Organic Curry Powder

2 Tbsp. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

48 oz. Organic low sodium Vegetable Broth

2 cups water (if needed)

Your discretion:

Bragg's Organic Sprinkle (24 herbs & spices) Seasoning

Pink Himalayan salt

Organic Chili Powder


Add coconut oil, cumin, curry powder and onion to large skillet. Place on stove at medium heat. Cook until onion is translucent. Add yam, carrots and celery cook for 5 minutes. Add approx. 16 oz of vegetable broth to skillet and bring to boil and then simmer on low heat with lid on top for about 30 minutes until vegetables are fully cooked. Once cooked set aside with lid off to cool.

Butternut Squash should be done by now. Have that out cooling as well.

The next step is to blend it all in the blender. However, working with cooled or luke-warm liquids is much safer. When squash is cooled enough to handle with your hands, then scoop one half of squash meat out of skin and place in blender. If there is room in the blender for some of the veggie mix, add some. Blend on slow then increase to puree. Pour first batch into large pot. Keep blending until all squash and veggies are blended. Add remaining vegetable broth as you go for desired texture and consistency. If you still find you need more liquid, now is when you add water.

Once all squash and veggies are blended and in the pot. Warm up on stove to desired temperature. Remember squash is dense, so stirring when warming up is crucial, you don't want hot spots so stir well.


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