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Katie Vaughn-Kelso

Hello, my name is Katie Rose Vaughn-Kelso. I trained in Colon Hydrotherapy with Helen Wood from the Wood Hygienic Institute, the only state licensed school in the nation. I have found colonics helpful for eliminating not only digestive discomforts like gas and bloating, but surprisingly also seasonal allergies and skin issues, as well as promoting clear thoughts, flatter tummy, and rainbow poops multiple times a day. Colonics seem to be a shortcut to my health. I like the gravity fed method because it’s quiet and tranquil. My body enjoys the increase in autonomy and authority of the experience and I can feel my peristalsis (colon muscles contracting). I am grateful to all the twists and turns of the healing path, along which I became yoga teacher certified, trained in energy healing with a body master, and now am able to offer colon hydrotherapy to my community in such a beautifully nurturing setting as Wholesomely U. I hope it helps others as much as it has helped me.

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